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Thermal safety

“No water” safety system

Electrical safety

Integrated hydraulic equipment

Stainless steel hot water tank

2 models:

- Heating

- Heating and dhw

4.5 kw - 21 kw power range

Electric boilers

HDCSM/HDCS is a range of electric storage boilers for heating and domestic hot water production.

It can be either wall-mounted (HDEEM) or floor-mounted (HDEE).

The HDCSM range is designed for wall installation and has a 50-litre hot water tank. This range has wattages between 4.5 and 21 kW. The HDCS range is designed for floor installation and has the same wattages as the HDCSM range, although the hot water tank has an 80-litre capacity.




Multiple options are available for you to make the optimum choice for each installation, and the wattages can even be adjusted on some models by making a simple modification to the electrical connection. It also has the fullest equipment on the market within its category.


The hot water tank is entirely made of stainless steel, an extremely hard-wearing material. No magnesium anode is required, avoiding costly inspection and maintenance operations.


This range allows the wattage to be adapted to the installation requirements or the user’s particular needs, with half or full power selection.

It also includes a hot water priority system (depending on the version), avoiding the need to contract a very high power supply.