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Bioclass HM 66

  • Maximum European qualification (Class 5 according to EN-303/5)
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Easy to install
  • 66 kW power
  • Electronic modulation
  • Suction kit, reserve tank and compressor ash pan included

Pellet Biomass boiler

The BIOCLASS HM66 boiler, with 55 kW power, is designed to burn pine pellets and it is factory-equipped with an automatic fuel suction system and ash compacter. It is a modulating class 5 biomass boiler, according to standard EN303-5, which certifies the highest qualification in terms of performance and low emissions.



The BioClass HM 66 boiler manages to considerably reduce fuel consumption on lowering the temperature of the combustion gases, achieving performances of up to 95%.

The Bioclass HC incorporates electronic modulation that adjusts the power of each boiler to the needs of the installations, preventing fuel waste. A cascade control can optionally be integrated, thus achieving modular operation of the equipment.


The cleaning of this boiler is totally automatic. It has a set of turbulators which, apart from retaining the passage of fumes, in order to improve performance, are responsible for cleaning remains of ash in the fumes outlet.

These turbulators are attached to a motor shaft by means of a systems of cams that periodically cause a vertical movement, thus cleaning the fume outlets.

The burner has an automatic ash cleaning system. The lower part of the burner combustion has a cleaning system that is periodically responsible for sending the ash generated in the combustion, to the ash pan. The cleaning is also carried out with the burner operating, meaning it does not affect the comfort of the installation, thus reducing the boiler consumption.


The BioClass HM 66 boilers are supplied with a reserve tank and a compressor ash pan, as well as a suction system to transport pellets from the storage silo.

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