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High density plyurethane insulation

With stainless steel DHW tank

Capacities: 150-1000 L

Buffer tanks with stainless steel DHW tank

BT DUO buffer tanks are designed for the accumulation of primary circuit water, simultaneously producing hot water by accumulation.




The internal cisterns of the BT DUO buffer tank are made from stainless steel. 

Stainless steel is a material with exceptional properties with regard to peeling, rust and sediment. On its surface there is a naturally created patina providing self protection against oxidation even in systems with extremely corrosive water


The BT DUO storage tank simplifies the installation of heating systems requiring a primary circuit tank.

Complex heating systems can be implemented using this tank without interfering with the operation of the heat generator.

Incorporating the domestic water cistern in the tank, means that a hydraulic system is not required for the production of hot water.

Thanks to the built-in automation, the production of hot water is prioritised and it allows the heating to be controlled in accordance with the needs of the heating system environment.

The BT DUO buffer tank is available with a wide range of accessories designed to facilitate the installation