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Gas fired condensing boilers 
Avanttia H

  • The highest performance, more than 108%
  • Stainless Steel tank
  • Low NOx emissions (Class 5)
  • 2 powers: 25 kW and 37 kW

Condensing Gas Boilers

The Avanttia boiler is a gas boiler that uses condensing technology to achieve high energy efficiency performance, enabling savings of up to 20% compared with conventional boiler consumption.

They also produce very low CO2 emissions, contributing to greenhouse effect prevention, and very low Nox emissions. The range is in the highest technical class to this regard for this type of appliances (class 5).It includes a 100 or 130 l. tank for domestic hot water made of an special stainless steel and it is the best solution against corrosion. This product is designed with a double enveloping and it enables a great exchanging surface, providing a large domestic hot water production.