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Stainless steel hot water tank

Highly selective tinox absorber

Fully equipped

2 models:
- single coiled pipe
- double coiled pipe

Complete forced circulation solar unit

A solar heating system for producing domestic hot water by a set of thermal solar panels that increase the temperature of the heat-carrying fluid circulating inside it, while at the same time heating up the domestic hot water stored in a stainless steel hot water tank.

It is a ¨forced circulation¨ system, and so the primary circuit always contains heat-carrying fluid but includes all the electronic and hydraulic units enabling safe, automatic functioning of the unit. The ¨DUO¨ version provides the option of adapting a second power source to its primary circuit.

The wide range available (190 - 750 litres) makes it the ideal solution for single-family homes or small multi-family installations.




The hot water provided by solar power is stored in a stainless steel tank. This guarantees a long life for the system, as it is made of hard-wearing materials, with outstanding rust resistance. Also, no magnesium anode is required, avoiding costly maintenance operations and enabling cost savings for the end user.


The system includes solar panels with a high solar absorption performance, obtaining the best energy efficiency results.

The panels also have an innovative ventilation system to prevent condensation, a low iron content tempered glass panel and efficient rock wool insulation to prevent heat loss through conductivity.


To simplify the installation process and guarantee correct system functioning, DOMUSA offers the fullest equipment on the market for these forced circulation units: integrated solar regulation, hydraulic kit (including the air bleed chamber, flow regulator and shut-off valves). The DS PACK units have an optional range of supports for installation on any type of roof.